Short film visuals disappoint

By Rosalia David

A short film titled ‘My friend is my enemy,’ based on two young ladies who killed their friend could have probably been a great movie if the production crew had used the right cameras and the perfect lightning.

Firstly, the film starts off with a disastrous background track that almost hurt my ear buds and a blurry city view from the camera drone that will discourage you from watching further.

If I had a bucket of popcorn while watching this film, my taste buds would have probably gone numb.

Of course, the title of the film is interesting because it’s based on the reality of some friendships but if the actual film was a lot more cohesive, revealing and exciting than the title, it probably would have impressed me.

One would really have to have the mental age of five to think that this film was in any way great, Watchable, yes, but not great, and certainly not deserving of being nominated for any award.

The film was fast-paced, which was both good and bad: good because it would’ve been unbearable to watch otherwise, and bad because it didn’t give the viewer time to get attached to any of the characters.

Before I start sounding cocky, one cannot shy away from the fact that the actors and actresses in the film are actually good at acting, the talent is definitely there, but the producers clearly did not do any justice to their skills.

I honestly wanted to like this film, in fact, I managed to watch it until the end, perhaps because I had to but seriously though, this film is grossly underwhelming. There is nothing there, except a good storyline that has gone to waste.

Now that I have watched it, I want my time back.

‘My friend is my enemy’ is a product of a local production company named Optimistic media, the same establishment which shot ‘Shortcut’ a year ago, an action short film which was quite impressive compared to their latest project.