Simeone Johannes Returns with Bold New Collections

• By Martha Nangombe

Simeone Johannes, the fashion designer and founder of SynEDGY, is returning to the fashion industry with his latest collections after being gone for two years.

Known for his daring approach to fashion, Johannes has unveiled two stunning new collections that perfectly encapsulate his brand’s signature style and ethos.

Bridal Capsule Collection
The Bridal Capsule Collection is a synEDGY masterpiece featuring five looks and up to ten pieces. This collection redefines bridal wear with its minimalistic yet timeless approach, catering to brides who prefer simplicity and classic elegance on their big day. Each piece is designed to be worn beyond the wedding, highlighting the current sustainability movement in fashion. The interchangeable nature of the pieces adds to their versatility and longevity.

“It was very important that we design a collection that is EDGY; a core identity of our brand, but at the same time explore a more elegant and sensual feel. A synEDGY woman is one who is fierce, timeless, and stylish and is not afraid to take a risk and this collection 100 percent caters to her,” Johannes explained.

Synergy Doll Collection
The Synergy Doll Collection is flirty and easy-going and comprises four mini dresses made entirely from off-cuts of previous client creations, eliminating the need for new fabric. This eco-friendly approach was a primary reason for the collection’s mini-dress format.

“When I first launched the synEDGY brand, we played around with so much color and fun pieces. This collection is paying homage to that time when we were a much smaller brand and just having fun! This collection consists of four mini dresses in different colors and really caters to the more fun, girly, and playful personality of a ‘synEDGY Doll,’ as we like to passionately call our clients,” Johannes added.

Despite his success, Johannes acknowledges the challenges facing Namibian designers. “We’re not equipped with enough resources to create a strong brand identity. We’re mostly unable to create our own textiles and prints and also print 3D materials to create extravagant garments. There’s also an under-appreciation of Namibian creatives; we deserve so much more respect than we get,” he said.

Johannes also noted the monotony in the local fashion industry, with a heavy focus on evening wear. However, he remains optimistic and committed to pushing his identity and exploring new styles.

A graduate of the University of Namibia with a BA Honours Degree in Public Relations and Fashion Studies, Johannes founded synEDGY in February 2018. Drawing inspiration from music, film, visual and performing arts, and streetwear, synEDGY has quickly become a standout brand. Johannes showcased his talent at Windhoek Fashion Week and dressed some of Namibia’s top celebrities, including Miss Namibia 2018 Selma Kamanya, Maria Nepembe, Lioness, and Lize Ehlers. With these new collections, Simeone Johannes reaffirms his position as a trailblazer in the fashion world, blending sustainability, style, and innovation in every piece.