Six awarded NAMCOL scholarships

By Maria Hamutenya

SIX people have been awarded scholarships by NAMCOL to improve their education last week. The scholarships were awarded through an organisation called Men on the Side of the Road (MSR).

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MSR is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2007 to actively work towards connecting people to employment opportunities. Since its creation, MSR has impacted over 1,550 unemployed individuals by connecting them with education, training, and employment opportunities.

NAMCOL availed an amount of N0,000 to cover the cost of tuition fees, study materials, tutor marked assignments with feedback, radio and video lessons and the note master interactive platform to supplement the study material.

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This scholarships are allocated through regional councils, who are well connected to their local communities.

Confidente spoke to one of the six beneficiaries, Junias Eliaser (31) who received a NAMCOL scholarship through MSR almost ten years after completing Grade 12.

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Eliaser is unemployed and is one of the many that stand at the side of the road waiting and hoping to earn a day’s wage as a day labourer.

He wrote his Grade 12 almost 10 years ago and got a minimum of 21 points in his subjects, but did not have any money to improve his points at that time. “It was very expensive for me to improve because my family was struggling and there was not enough money to help me with, so I started searching for jobs everywhere without any success and I had no choice but to stand on the side of the road hoping to get something to do for that day,” Eliaser said.

He added that he applied for the scholarship last year, in order to improve two of his lowest-scoring subjects, English and Biology, and was informed about the success of his application a few weeks ago. “My points are not bad at all and I’m grateful for the opportunity that was offered to me as I am able to go back to school and finish what I could not finish 10 years ago but better this time around.”

Last year Eliaser managed to complete his certificate in automotive mechanics at Kayec but he says he wanted to do something better, that’s why he applied for the scholarship to improve his marks. “I urge my young people to always take advantage of the opportunities offered to them because sometimes these opportunities only come once and make sure you use it to be able to better yourself.”

Governor Laura Mcleod Katjirua said the college is one of the few state-owned institutions and perhaps the only public institution in the education arena with representation in all political regions of Namibia. “No one is left behind as far as a sound educational foundation is concerned for secondary education and beyond,” Katjirua said.

She further urged the recipients to work hard this year as the relevance of education cannot be over-emphasised because it is the single most important tool to empower the people to be able to fight ignorance and under-development. “We salute the people’s college for continuing to serve learners, families, the community and the Namibian nation at large and the effort made in serving this proud nation with excellence,” she said.