Skrypt releases EP

By Rosalia David

AWARD winning rapper Hitji Katjatenja better known as Skrypt has released his first official EP titled ‘A Wise Man Once Said’ consisting of 10 tracks.

The rapper is an independent artist who is working on his brand and his personal development as an artist.

In an interview with Confidente, Katjatenja said every track title on the newly dropped EP consisted of words of wisdom from persons who he interacted with, as he wanted to appreciate people who had made a positive impact in his life.

“I just looked at my life and thought back at the most peculiar places I’ve found wisdom. Every track title on the EP is words of wisdom from someone,” he said.

The artist who described himself as a workaholic said he recorded a lot of songs and had the difficult task of deciding which ones would eventually be part of the EP.

Asked on how his EP was faring on the market, Katjatenja said, “I am not too sure to be honest. I will let you know how the reception is after a week. It is quite too soon to tell now how the EP has been received but from the reviews I got so far from people who got the chance to privately listen to it, they love it.”

Pointing out some of the musicians he featured on his EP, he mentioned 2020 NAMAs male artist of the year KP Illest while adding that he had worked with more people compared to those that made the final cut.

“So for now I will only talk about the people on it. KP Illest is a given. We are always in studio so I literally just picked one from the many songs we have together. The song ‘Waters’ we did is a natural addition as well. The song on the EP was part of our warm up session in studio and ended up being that song,” he stated.

Now that he has dropped his EP, Katjatenja said he is gearing up to shoot a number of music videos as soon as possible while looking at selling merchandise from his brand.

He added, “I feel like I’ve accumulated a few fans that really love my music. I want them to feel the love back. So, I am definitely going to focus on merchandise and printing physical copies, shooting music videos and doing more shows.”

Questioned about his favourite song on the EP, Katjatenja found it hard to choose saying each song had been recorded with its own unique style.

“Right now it’s tough. I’ve got some that I love for different reasons. ‘Wrong One’ is nice for an evening drive, ‘YAYA’ is great for the gym, ‘Celebrate’ I listen to it when I am on my way to a chill session while the song titled ‘I’ll Be There’ is for when I’m just relaxing at home on a Sunday.”