Soldier accused of house-breaking out on bail

By Eliaser Ndeyanale

A soldier charged with six counts of house breaking with intent to steal, as well as theft has been granted bail by the Ondangwa Magistrate Court.

Elia Kandala Tomas, who appeared in court on recently, was arrested in August in connection with burglaries at six shebeens at Okankanga location in Ondangwa. At the time of arrest, he and other three reportedly broke into the shebeens and stole items valued at N$11 435.

According to the charge sheets, some of the items that were gotten away with include four bottles of Tassenberg red wine costing N$160, 12 cool drinks valued at N$240 and clothing items worth N$400.  These items were stolen at a bar situated at Onkakanga in Oshana region.

They also allegedly broke in a bar owned by a certain Shimwandi Nikanor Tangeni, where they stole three phone chargers, one hair cutting machine, N$40 cash, two bottles of ombike and some fish. In addition, they also stole a fridge, cooler box, 10kg bread flour, cool drinks, a hake fish box, a red dress, sugar and sweets.

The suspected robbers were arrested by members of Operation Kalahari on 14 August.

Tomas, who is a soldier stationed at Otavi, was represented by lawyer Nicky Ngula and was granted bail of N$3 500 by Magistrate Tjatjara Isabella after he initially offered to pay a bail of N$1 500. Prosecutor Ndapandula Shiweda, however, objected arguing that he should pay N$4 000 bail as he is employed.

“We are indebted to the State to consider bail. However, we are asking for a reduction as he has spent about a month and he can only afford N$1 500 as he had already spent N$10 000 on legal fees,” noted Ngula. The prosecutor further said there was a public outcry over Tomas’s case.

“The accused broke into different houses on the same date. We are considering that he be granted bail because he is gainfully employed. The investigations are almost complete – if the matter be remanded to 25 November 2019,” she said.