‘Son of god’ thriving under his father’s shadow

By Rudolf R. Gaiseb

WELTERWEIGHT boxing champion Harry Simon Junior (26), commonly known as the “son of god,” says living in his father’s shadow motivates him to compete for world titles.

The rising star, who has been a massive success at the start of his career, holds an excellent record of 21 victories and one loss.

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“Winning many fights does not come easy; it takes the consistent effort of working out in the gym and always having the hunger to learn new fighting techniques to take on opponents,” he said.

Despite feeling pressured by being compared to prior world champions, Simon Junior says he thrives under pressure.

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Following Simon Junior’s first defeat to Zimbabwean boxer Issa Aliyah Phiri, Harry Simon Senior (52) joined his son’s coaching and training staff, where he is working alongside Junior’s initial coach, Jose Kambinda.

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