Spes Bona worker fired for insulting boss


Spes Bona Motor Company employee, Abraham Gariseb, was fired after using the ‘f’ word and managed to win the case.

The labour court ruled in favour of the worker stating that Gariseb’s dismissal was unfair in terms of substantive fairness.
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However, according to Gariseb, the company was supposed to compensate him with N 000 as well as to reinstate him back to his position but it has failed to do so.

The company informed him that it has closed down and therefore cannot reinstate Gariseb.

Confidente’s investigations however, revealed that the company is operating.

According to the court documents arbitration award where Gariseb is the applicant and Spes Bona Motors is the respondent it states that, “Mr Abraham Gariseb dismissal was unfair in terms of substantive fairness.

The respondent to compensate Mr Gariseb six months compensation for loss
of income. Compensation above calculated to be N$5000 X6 months which is N$30 000.

“The respondent to reinstate Gariseb in equal or comparable position he held effective from 15 November 2021. No order as to cost. The said amount must be paid on or before the 8 November 2021 proof of which must be forwarded to the office of the Labour Commissioner,” the documents stated.
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According to the disciplinary hearing documents seen by Confidente, Spes Bona argued that the employee was found guilty of using disrespectful language towards his manager.

“The offence for which the employee was found guilty is serious as allotted by the initiator in the aggravating circumstances as there was no justification for the accused to make use of such an utterance.

It is expected from employees to show respect towards their superiors, whether it is during working hours or during the employee’s free time.