Spotlight on Chaco the karateka

Name: Singombe Protasius Muyenga 
Nickname: Chaco 
DOB: 10/10/1978 
Age: 41 
POB: Fumbe village, Mashare constituency, Kavango East Region. 

When and where did you start practicing karate?  
I started practicing karate in 1992 at Maria Mwengere Secondary School in Kavango East Region. 
How many fight have you engaged in to date? 
I participated in more than 40 fights from regional, central, national and international championships. 
When did you become a professional in karateka? 
Karate is still an amateur sport but I joined an officially recognised karate organisation in 1999. 
Who was your martial arts hero growing up as a child? 
Bruce Lee 
Which martial arts academy do you support in the world? 
 Kyokushin Karate 
Apart from karate, what other sports interest you? 
Soccer; I am a fan of Manchester United.  
Which other sports are you good at? 
I do Judo and wrestling. I have an international coaching license (Level 1) in wrestling. 
Who was the best karateka you ever fought side by side with? 
Sensei Yotham Simasiku 
Who was the best karateka opponent you ever fought against? 
Sensei Paul Mwiya 
Name of the best coach you ever worked with? 
Freddy Mwiya (current Chief Administrator at Namibia Sports Commission and Shihan, South Africa) 
Which one is your most memorable match? 
National Team trials 
Your best memorable fight was against which country and which year was that? 
USA-Peace corps, 2004 
The highest moment of your karate career? 
Achieving the highest best (black belt), and being a branch chief (chief instructor) for UWKKO- United World Kyokushin Karate Organisation in Namibia 
The lowest moment of your karate career?  
Losing in a first round without progressing to the next round. 
Your favourite local martial arts fighter and why? 
Sensei Ace Mutelo because he has speed and power. 
Your favourite international martial arts fighter and why? 
Sensei yaseen (RSA). He has leadership quality of a good karateka. 
What made you to join karate? 
Since I was young I always wanted to do karate, like using nunchaku. 
What is the secret to success in martial arts? 
Discipline, humility, positive mindset. 
Karate training is like a tall building structure, if the foundation is weak, the structure becomes weak.