SSC donates N$3.3m for water

By Maria Hamutenya

WINDHOEK Municipal councillors this week approved an emergency response plan of over N$8.9 million to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19. The council also resolved to provide free water to residents in informal settlements during the period of the lockdown.

This was announced by the City of Windhoek when the Social Security Commissions donation in aid of mitigating coronavirus pandemic risks was handed over.

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Various other corporate entities have come on board with sponsorships and donations to allow the City of Windhoek to respond effectively to the threat posed by COVID-19.

The SSC donated N$3.3 million to be used primarily for the provision of water and other essentials. MTC donated N$100 000 for water provision in the informal settlements. The Windhoek Mayoral Relief Fund donated N0 000 and the Namibia Defence Force donated four water tanks and more are still to be received to ensure sustainable water supply to informal communities.

Namwater has also come on board and sponsored one water tank.

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CEO of Social Security Commission Milka Mungunda said the organisation could not stand back and watch as the virus gets out of hand. “We have been having quite a number of discussions and consultations with all the relevant stakeholders at various platforms. I am so pleased because when we said we want to be part of helping out, the mayor, councillors and the City of Windhoek management were willing work with us,” Mungunda said.

The N$3.3 million will be used to help five constituencies in Windhoek, including Khomasdal which would get five additional water tanks, five standpipes and eight toilets. The structures offered would be permanent structures to provide permanent solutions in this constituencies.
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Moses Garoeb constituency will be assisted with five water tanks, five standpipes and five toilets while Tobias Hainyeko constituency will be provided with new 13 toilets.
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Samora Machel residents will get 10 water tanks, 10 standpipes and 20 toilets, and finally Windhoek Rural will be provided with two water tanks and two water stands.

“We have identified these constituencies because we realise that these are the constituencies which are facing the bigger risk, however this does not mean that the other constituencies are not being taken care of.
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We are having discussions with the Ministry of Finance to see what we can do to further address this situation,” Mungunda promised.

Over 1 200 houses of clients who were disconnected due to non-payment have been reconnected. The exercise to ensure all clients are reconnected is ongoing. The City of Windhoek has over 1 122 stand pipes, of which 70 percent have been reprogrammed to provide free water to residents.

Windhoek Mayor Fransina Kahungu thanked the SSC and other corporate entities for coming together to help during the impending crisis.

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“Windhoek has the biggest informal settlements and it is money well spent, Kahungu said.

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