Standard Bank in SME promotion drive

By Business Reporter

STANDARD Bank, in partnership with the Namibia Economist, has launched a series of online events to inspire SMEs and prospective business owners by providing guidance, mentoring and management training.

Owners of micro, small and medium enterprises face an array of obstacles, not only when they start out as entrepreneurs but also through all the subsequent phases of their business growth. With the wave digitalisation that is now forced upon business owners, the scenario has become even more complex and bewildering.

“In an attempt to provide SME owners with a viable, affordable business solution, we have decided to launch a series of interactive webinars on a monthly basis, specifically targeting small business owners.”

This virtual exchange of ideas on running a business will start on October 14 and will continue monthly until August 2021 (excluding December and January). The #GrowYourBusiness talks replace the annual Businesswoman Northern Conference which is cancelled because of Covid-19. The new and exciting virtual setup allows to create a marketplace of ideas for a national or even international audience. The web conferences will be open to women and men entrepreneurs alike.

Namibia Economist marketing manager, Desèré Lundon-Muller said: “Small businesses and start-ups are what keep our economy strong, and I’m proud to have contributed, in one way or another, to dozens of start-ups in my time as an entrepreneur. If you’ve ever considered starting a business, know that there is no perfect time. By starting a small business, you are taking charge of your future.”

Standard Bank head of marketing, communication and CSI Magreth Mengo, added: “Namibia is our home and we drive her growth. What better way is there than to grow businesses that create jobs and pay tax? As a bank we aspire to be an enabler of dreams and ambitions. Most people have a goal in life that helps them to take charge of their future. In line with our new slogan we are telling people that ‘It Can Be’. You can achieve your goals no matter what they are, and Standard Bank is here to help you with that.”

At each Business Talk, a business expert will cover a theme that SMEs routinely deal or struggle with. These topics will range from how to register a business, how to effectively marketing your business, financial management to hiring for success and much more. After every talk a panel of Namibian and international experts will give practical tips and answer questions from viewers.

The goal of the #GrowYourBusiness talk series aim to inform and inspire entrepreneurship and encourage continued SME development to achieve financial success and independence.
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The Business Talks will be livestreamed, and all sessions will be available on the Economist business development site at

After every Business Talk a prize winner will be selected among the online participants and receive a prize in line with the theme for that month to help the entrepreneur take their business to the next level. For the first session, Standard Bank sponsored N$10 000 to start or grow an existing business. To qualify for the prize, an entrepreneur will have to answer questions that will be posted during the event.
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At the final talk, Standard Bank and Namibia Economist will announce an overall winner of the #GrowYourBusiness talk series.