Stars Under African Skies concept applauded

By Martha Nangombe

THE Stars Under African Skies (SUAS) concert, which benefitted the FLY and HELP School project in Namibia, demonstrated the power of music and compassion in driving positive change.  Held at Country Estate, the show transcended the scope of a traditional musical event, bringing together a varied crowd for an unforgettable night of performance and generosity.

The concert featured a seamless blend of authentic performances, passion for a noble cause, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of children.

The show’s concept arose from the “Nacht des Deutschen Schlagers” in Windhoek in 2016/17, where Reiner Meutsch, the founder of FLY and HELP, formed a strong bond with Namibia.

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This deep respect spurred the establishment of an event that would not only celebrate music but also help to improve education in Namibia.

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The event drew a broad audience, including 180 international visitors who had been on several country-wide tours before the concert.

Additionally, 200 Namibian guests gave a dynamic local touch to the celebration.

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  Performances included four German artists, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Mickie Krause, Markus, and Yvonne, who have long supported FLY and HELP.

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