Stay creative during the lockdown

By Rosalia David

LOOKING at the current situation in the art business where creatives are literally forced to think inside the box, it’s high time to search for inspiration and new ideas.

Many are looking at the lockdown period as ‘resting time’, but I think it is important to realize that this is the perfect time to collect one’s thoughts without a glitch and come up with bombastic and creative ideas to boost their music or art.

Resting is an important component of the creative process but it is also essential to create new habits to get some work done.
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If I could stay home, I would probably be learning how to bake or writing a book to make sure that I release it after the coronavirus crisis, but we all think differently.
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It could be that a few prefer sitting in front of the TV all day and gain weight. I’m just saying, you don’t want to waste your free time.

I think it is indeed very important to feed your mind with knowledge through the internet during this time, whether it’s to how to DJ, cook, do make up, styling or sewing, depending on what you love to do.

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Another perfect example is the Namibian DJs; they are really doing the most, setting up at home and going live on social media making sure that they keep their fans entertained, despite the crisis.

Musicians have also gone back to their music folders to see what unreleased songs they have that can be released during the lockdown period.

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However, there are still a few who have gone on 21 days’ vacation from their art.

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We all know that it is the most devastating time for the art business as the “every weekend income” just disappeared overnight without warning but I believe it’s time to enhance creativity to ensure a positive outcome when this frightful pandemic is over.

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