Staying relevant in an ever-evolving music industry

OVER the years, we have seen a few Namibian artists vanish into thin air after their first hit song and fans were left to wonder why they have returned to obscurity.

Well, one of the obvious reasons is the lack of continuous creativity; the world of music is always evolving, which makes it harder to remain relevant as a musician.

However, we can also not deny that some artists have been able to maintain a constant presence in this fast-changing world.

Some also managed to build solid brands and record labels that have gained the necessary popularity and make it easier to remain significant and dominate the ever changing industry with little to no sweat.

Although there are those who continue to deliver good music throughout their musical careers, it is no secret that a few are struggling to make their comeback after releasing songs that have reached the top spot on the airwaves.

Could it be that they’ve switched genres and their erstwhile fans are not interested in the new sound they are into, or simply because they lack the creative force to propel them back up to the level at which they emerged in the first place?

But, let us not assume that all those who have drifted into obscurity lack creativity.

Some probably lose interest in music and move on to something else more profitable. However, I am specifically talking about those who have become very famous in the past and are still making music, but we don’t know any of their newly released songs.

Perhaps we have stopped paying attention to them because they are really not giving us what we want to hear or they are just not putting themselves out there. I believe, a musician cannot go missing in action for years and expect to get the same hype they got when they first burst onto the scene 10 years ago.

The music industry is unfortunately bolstered by coming-of-age fans, who are always on the hunt for fresh, relatable tunes. In order to remain relevant and talked about, you need to get your name out there and stand out. Many musicians whose music and videos go viral get their fame and leverage from other people who share the workload.

Another point I could make is that by being aware of your target demographic, such as teens, you can make sure the music that you’re writing will speak to them.

Most fans look for music and lyrics they can connect with. If you can provide this and can speak to them through your music, you will have succeeded in becoming a constant figure in their music journey, one they will look to for fresh content.