Stereotypes discouraging men from modelling

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN model Kennedy Amadhila and Managing Director of ‘Man of the world Namibia’ pageant has said that men are holding back in pursuing a career in the fashion industry due to stereotypes associated with male modelling.

In an exclusive interview with Confidente, Amadhila who will also be taking part in the global pageant scheduled to take place early next year in the Philippines, mentioned that it takes a lot of courage for men to do modelling, given the type of characterisation that comes with it.

“We live in a society that is unfortunately the way it is, judgmental. But I believe that all men need to be more confident in themselves and start building their own characters instead of following footprints they’ve found,” he said.

Amadhila stressed that those who define others’ sexual orientation based on the activities they do are most likely insecure about themselves.

With the aim of instilling confidence amongst men who are shying away from their modelling dreams, Amadhila encourages Namibian men to take part in the Man of the world pageant in future as its other objective is to empower men.

“The Man of the World Namibia organisation is there for confidence, character building and male empowerment both on a local and international level. We also aim to create the next generation of ambassadors. Giving young men the opportunity to advocate for global rights for education.”

He said that the pageant is a platform to put men in the forefront of education using the aspects of fashion and modelling.

“We believe that fashion and modelling in general have major influence and in the mainstream right now; so to send a message put it on TV or in entertainment. People will stop and listen. However, with the ongoing pandemic the international pageant has officially moved its fourth edition to early 2021 to ensure the safety of all candidates and audience that will attend the world event.”

Breaking down the activities that are going to take place during the day of the official event, Amadhila said it is going to be an occasion full of public interactions including traveling around the Philippines.

“We want to bring the candidates closer to the community and promote our advocacy. But we can only hope for the best as this won’t be possible with the current situation, the safety protocols are strict,” he added.