Stop Africa’s Participation in Miss Universe: Nampala

• By Martha Nangombe

Soini Nampala, an outspoken activist, has initiated a petition to halt Africa’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant after recent changes to the Miss Universe entry requirements now allowing the inclusion of transgender individuals.
The petitions are set to be formally submitted by the end of June 2024. We hope that this collective action will lead to a decision that aligns with Namibia’s cultural and moral values and, by extension, those of other African nations.

Nampala’s call to action follows extensive research into the profile of Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, the new owner of the Miss Universe Organization, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Nampala argues that including transgender contestants in the Miss Universe pageant represents a fundamental shift in the competition’s values.
According to Nampala, this change promotes acceptance of homosexuality, medical and surgical gender transitions, and same-sex relationships and marriages. She contends that such messages are detrimental to the youth, who may lack the maturity to discern what he perceives as morally right or wrong.

“By participating in Miss Universe, our youth are exposed to a culture that contradicts our traditional African values and moral teachings. They are at risk of being indoctrinated with beliefs that are not aligned with our cultural identity and moral standards. This exposure threatens to erode the very fabric of our society,” Nampala stated

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