Strydon set for 75th Fencing Championship

• By Michael Uugwanga

LOCAL fencer, Connor Strydom (20), is set to compete at the 75th Open Fencing Championship to take place in Ireland at the end of October this year.

This week, Strydom spoke to Confidente regarding his career in fencing and his thoughts on the upcoming Open Fencing Championship.

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His records in the sport of fencing are impressive.

Strydom has been at two junior world championships before –  in Turun, Poland in 2019 and Cairo, Egypt in 2021, but the Open Fencing Championship will be his biggest competition.

“ In 2018 when I was 16 years old, I won a gold medal in the junior U-20 and in the senior (adult) category in the Gaborone Open in Botswana.

I have also won a gold medal in the Namibian Open in 2020 and another gold medal in the Windhoek Fencing Club Open in 2020.”

“And in 2021 I won a silver medal at the Windhoek Fencing Club Open.  I usually try to do some cardio exercises, but other than that I try to continue doing some regular fencing training to practise the basics and some new techniques.”

Strydom added,”I do fund myself when going to compete at events, but I also get support from my family such as the purchase of equipment.

“ I  also receive additional funding  from the Namibian Fencing Federation through the International Fencing Federation to aid in the development of the sport..

On his participation at the upcoming 75Th Open Fencing Championship, Strydom has set a target of a tenth place finish.

“I do workout 2-4 times a week and play some sports from time to time.It feels so good to go and compete at such a big competition.

I am aiming to come somewhere in the top 10 in Ireland,” Strydom said.

Last month, Strydom competed at the Commonwealth Games Fencing Championship in the senior Men’s  Epee  division He finished in 44th place.

Strydom was influenced by his elder brother, Dillon Strydom, to take up fencing as a sport even though he also has a passion for volleyball, football and basketball.

He told Confidente, “I started doing fencing because of my brother Dillon Strydom’s influence who started the sport of fencing at high school.”

Connor Strydom is currently studying Psychology at The University of Twente in the Netherlands.

He revealed to Confidente,”Once I retire from fencing, I’d like to start up my own psychology practice.”