Student nurses cry foul over non-compensation


THE Executive Director in the Ministry of Health and Social Service (MOHSS) Ben Nangombe says even though the Ministry in the past used to pay student nurses, the current batch should not cry over not getting paid.

Nangombe said this while responding to questions from this publication regarding an outcry from student nurses who are calling for Government to re-introduce old compensation system.

The ED said while it was true that in the past student nurses used to get compensated, the system had to be factored out due to the rise of Private institution.

“MOHSS used to have training centres around the country from which nurses were being nurtured but due to the emerging of Private Institutions, we decided to discontinue the training program.

The ministry was training students at government owned institutions and the students therefore received an allowance. Student nurses do not receive an allowance as they already get free training and that the Ministry is using their facilities and students are supervised by the Ministry employees,” he said

Nangombe emphasized that students were not getting compensated for their work in hospitals as they are receiving free training.

“Students from Private facilities are trained for free, therefore attachments do not get paid as they are already getting free of charge training.

They are already getting free training and now they still want to be paid?” he queried.

Additionally, Nangombe said the ministry was doing a social responsibility by doing public service training “which is necessary to help students gain skills and help them register for future job placements.

He furthermore clarified claims made by students that senior nurses are taking advantage of student nurses and overworking them to which he said we train nurses to work hard to serve the public and these allegations do not hold water.