Sunny Boy finally bags a NAMA award

By Rosalia David

AFTER 17 years of doing music, Sunny Boy also known as ‘King of Hikwa music’ has finally been recognised scooping the best Kwaito award for the song ‘Bad Neighbors’ at last week’s Namibian Annual Music awards (NAMAs).

He was nominated in the most sought after category ‘Best Kwaito’ competing against other music geniuses such as 2019 Kwaito artist of the year Exit, TKB, Cassidy and Tulisan.

Speaking to Confidente after the show, Sunny Boy expressed gratitude towards his fans saying that they are the driving force behind his music while pointing out that his song however deserved the trophy because of its strong lyrical content.

Backing up why he thought he deserved the award, Sunny Boy said he is a positive thinker and believes that his song carried a more relatable and strong message compared to other nominated tracks.

“When I do something, I am always positive about the outcome, unless someone has a different opinion about that, I was confident that I was going to win. The music is quite good and it was received well. The message is strong. No disrespect to people that were nominated as well but I had a feeling that my song had a more impactful message than the other guys. I was very confident indeed.”

He went on to say that he will continue to release good music and try hard to remain relevant and consistent as possible. “If I continue doing that, the world will definitely be at my fingertips.”

Bad Neighbors is a song from his album released last year titled ‘Uuyelele’. Sunny Boy said the song’s message came after the death of musician Jomolizo who passed in 2018.

“I wrote the song when the late Jomolizo passed on as the whole controversy that was going on around about his death was crazy. People had so many things to say, some said, he died because of poison while it was also said that it was because of something else. So, it hit me hard because I didn’t know him that well but had met him a few weeks before he died. He was just a nice guy who was all about his music.”

Sunny Boy said he then wrote a song with a message that speaks about “being careful at all times when around people”.

“As artists we are quite exposed out there. Some people might be laughing with you but secretly, they are not really happy for you or don’t like you and some people are strongly spiritually connected more than you. Families are not the same, some people have things that protect them and you don’t, so, always be careful.”

Asked on what he is currently working on, he said he will soon be releasing an album and a summer banger.

“People have given me this title of ‘king of summer’. When it comes to this time of the year, they always ask me about a new summer song, so, I owe them that, but I still need to select. Despite Covid-19 our summer will not be ruined,” Sunny Boy said.