Suspended employees to face the music

… as Ondangwa town council deny corruption allegations 


THREE Ondangwa town council employees who were suspended four months ago, on allegations of fraudulently selling plots to members of the public will appear before a disciplinary hearing where they will be charged and have their fate decided, said Ondangwa town council Chief Executive Officer, Israel Namgongo.

The trio, Kaine Shikongo, Antonius Donatius and Lukas Kristian were suspended with full benefits in July this year on allegations of selling council land to members of the public at Onantsi, a newly established location on the outskirts of downtown Ondangwa.
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They are employed in the Infrastructure, Property, Town Planning and Technical Services Department.

“Investigations are ongoing and are at an advanced stage per council in-house regulations. When the investigations are complete, they will be formally charged and will be informed to appear before a legally sanctioned disciplinary hearing,” Namgongo further alluded that  at the hearing the trio will be accorded an opportunity to give their side of story each and to defend themselves.

Asked why council is had taken long  to charged the trio, he pointed out that investigations were initiated in order to prove the allegations and it was a long and complicated issue.

“Council is still within the time frame in which persons accused of wrongdoing can be investigated and charged as per council in-house regulations. You cannot rush the investigations.

The charges need to be proved fairly,” he noted.

After their suspension, Shikongo, Donatius and Kristian allegedly went on a crusade against Ondangwa Mayor, Paavo Amwele, accusing him of abusing his powers by owning multiple plots at Onantsi location.

They also accused council of suspending them while allegedly turning a blind eye to the deeds of some senior council employees who are allegedly involved in questionable brown envelope land deals.

Amwele denied the allegations, “I do not own any land at Onantsi.
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There is no way I can own a plot in area meant to benefit low income earners. They just want to drag my name through the mud and tarnish my standing. They should wait to face the charges they are being investigated for.

The employees also accused the Ondangwa town council of having a political agenda against them which the council vehemently and vociferously denied.