SWANU rejects Steineir’s genocide apology: Tjikuzu

By Allexer Namundjebo

SWANU Secretary General Sam Ngaijake Tjikuzu says the party rejects German President Heidermarie Weieczorek-Zeul’s proclamation acknowledging the issuance of an apology for his country’s role in the 1904 -1908 genocide against the Herero and Nama communities.

Tjikuza pointed out that the genocide perpetrated by Germany on the Ovaherero and Nama people 120 years ago left indelible scars that President Steinmeier’s admission at President Hage Geingob’s memorial service cannot erase, heal, or remedy.

Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier acknowledged the need for an official apology and expressed willingness to return to Namibia and engage in genocide discussions.

However, Tjikuza pointed out that in 2004, Heidermarie Wieczorek-Zeul, the German Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, offered an apology to Genocide victims at the Ohamakari, which the German government later rescinded.

Meanwhile, Tjikuza said his party appreciates that someone with a higher portfolio has finally acknowledged that Germany committed genocide against the Ovaherero and Nama communities and is willing to apologise.

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