Swapo owes it to the nation, to sort itself out so that unity of purpose can prevail

Dear Editor,

If the Swapo Party was to annihilate, Namibia would degenerate; collapse, and all the gains of independence would be reversed expeditiously.

The Swapo Party is the hope of the nation, an irreplaceable, perennial mass-based movement with a proven track record of fostering national unity, reconciliation, inclusive development and shared prosperity for all.

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It is therefore imperative that the Swapo Party must continue to rise to the occasion and take the nation into confidence, first by fostering unity of purpose in its ranks, which will translate into a united Namibia and subsequently create a fertile ground for the unconditional implementation of the Swapo Party Elections Manifesto, Swapo Party Political Programme and National Development Policies.

I am personally incentivised by Hon. Sophia Shaningwa, the Secretary General of the Swapo Party, who has not stuttered in fostering unity in the party. In many of her speeches while addressing various party meetings, she explicitly made it clear that; “no more teams” and “no more factions”!

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She has not shied away from denouncing slate politics and factionalism that caused Swapo Party irreparable harm, especially after the 2017 sixth elective congress, thus she continues to preach unity whenever an opportunity arises.

This is not only a rhetoric from her side but an agenda in motion, as she extended courtesy calls to comrades; Elijah Ngurare; Helmut Angula; Jerry Ekandjo; and late Kazenambo Kazenambo just to mention but a few, to foster unity of purpose.

Other leaders have also joined the Secretary General in her call for unity.

We have come to crossroads where Swapo cannot afford disunity, hence the need to echo Hon.

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Sophia Shaningwa’s voice. Let us multiply her voice and put Swapo Party first as opposed to individuals.

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Swapo Party therefore owes it to the nation, to the country to sort itself out, not so that an individual can be in charge, but so that the Swapo Party plays a role that is expected from it by the people.

This is the Namibia which the Swapo Party has always been committed to from its infant stages, to serve the people and put Namibians first.

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Swapo Party must be only known for that.

*Taddeus Ndeyatila Shithigona, Oshakati, Oshana Region.