Swapo’s six decades of progress worth cherishing

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob’s description of the Swapo Party’s 60 year journey as a movement which took our people, from the despair of oppression to the joy of independence and the hope it brings, recognises the selfless stance Party leaders took to propel Namibia and its aspirations forward.

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Having made this description at Swapo’s 60th anniversary this past weekend, we agree with President Geingob that for 60 years, Swapo has carried the torch of unity, liberty and justice and has worked in the interest of the security and welfare of all Namibians.

These milestones, by all means necessary, must be upheld and cherished here at home, the region and the world at large.

Without doubt, the events of yesteryear in which the party regained power in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections have given the party another chance to reform and regain further impetus to carry Namibia forward as the ruling party.

When we look back to April 19 1960, we remember the day that brought Swapo to reality cognisant of the fact that it all started with fed up contract workers in the late 60s, mobilisation of the youth and the emergence of trade unions that to led to the formation of a party that today is celebrated across the globe as one that is free from leadership greed and one that has sacredly guarded its legacy of peace and stability.

For this reason, this anniversary should celebrated with the full view that a rededication by party cadres to serve the people is central to its current and future existence.

Again, Swapo cadres must always remember that enunciating slogans is simple but confronting the obstacles to leading the electorate is complex and sometimes requires sober and less dramatic actions to achieve this goal. That is one of the key differences between populism, which thrives on slogans, and popular movements, which mobilise people into building organisations in order to achieve planned results.

We should then acknowledge that a logical message, representing a coherent plan for solving the big and small problems that the party faces at the hands of weevils was – and is – crucial.

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The party can combat a sense of despair that is beginning to ensue, only if it is able to present a convincing way of remedying the various issues dominating the political space.

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This includes dispelling disruptive forces that have the capacity to derail progressive reforms of the party and are exploiting the ignorance of the younger generation in order to bring about social unrest, confusion and chaos.

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In the midst of these celebrations we must further remember many of Swapo’s fallen heroes that contributed immensely to what the party achieved particularly in the attainment of independence in which they sacrificed their lives to end the many years of brutal apartheid. The unity exhibited by these cadres, regardless of their race, tribe, religion, or class should motivate our efforts to build a united, prosperous nation, devoid of ethnic or parochial divisions.

Happy 60th anniversary Swapo!