Teacher silences family with six cows

By Eliaser Ndeyanale at Omakange

A former teacher at IK Tjimuhiva Combined School in Omusati region has allegedly offered to pay six cows to the family of a learner he is accused of repeatedly having sex with.

Jaavi Mumbuu, who had a position of acting head of department at the school, situated about 80km south west of Okahao, is accused of having an intimate relationship with the learner and of having had sex with her over a period of time.

Mumbuu is said to be a married man in his 40s. Confidente understands that after the matter was reported to the principal, Dina Tjimuhiva, she seemed reluctant to act as Mumbuu was said to be her close associate.

The student some time back wrote a letter to inform the principal and to say what was happening between her and Mumbuu had come to an end. The learner, whose name is known to this reporter, apparently gave the letter to Tjimuhiva, who later gave it to another teacher to deliver to Mumbuu.

It is understood that the matter surfaced after the principal on one occasion accused another teacher of insubordination because he had refused to teach a subject which he is not equipped to teach.

“He asked the principal in a meeting why he was being given warnings by the principal for refusing to [teach] a subject, but she cannot warn teachers who have sexual relationships with learners. She called a school board meeting and terminated his contract,” a source said.

A teacher at the school, who refused to be named, said in previous years Tjimuhiva would expel teachers who had sexual relationships with pupils but now she had become “a lame duck principal”.
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Principal of IK Tjimuhiva said, “Me as an administrator of an institution to discuss confidential things of a teacher or learner, I need to talk to you face to face because how do I know that you are really a journalist? It doesn’t work like that.”

Mumbuu, who was reportedly transferred to a school in Kunene region left IK Tjimuhiva Combined School in May last year under a cloud of suspicion of having illicit sexual relations with an underage pupil still hanging over him, and with the learner’s parents still asking that their child be compensated.

“She did not want to fire the teacher but some of the teachers who had relationships with learners were fired. Mumbuu wants the case to be withdrawn so that he can give the family six cows,” said a source at the school, who claimed that there is another male teacher who is suspected to be engaging in sexual relations with school children.

An official at Omusati regional directorate office, who confirmed knowledge of the matter said: “One Monday the family including the father and mother of the children came to the office to withdraw the case, saying that they didn’t have evidence that the teacher had sex with the learner”.

The official said the family members of the learner went to the director’s office in September 2019 to withdraw the case and that Mumbuu would pay six cows. The family was apparently dropped off at the office by a former minister of environment and tourism, who sat in the car while the discussion was going on in the regional office.

After the regional education office refused that the case be withdrawn, the learner reportedly faced humiliation at school to the extent that she threatened to commit suicide.

Confidente understands that she was accused by one of the teachers at the school of being pregnant though she was not. Contacted for comment, the girl’s father Jason Musaso confirmed that the teen had been expelled from school.

“She was depressed because she was being accused by teachers that she was pregnant with my baby, but it was a lie. My daughter was not pregnant and I never had sex with her.

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I am disturbed by these accusations. How can I sleep with my own child?”

He confirmed that Mumbuu offered them six cows to have the case be withdrawn, but further felt aggrieved that his daughter was expelled from school around September 2019 – one month before the final examination was to be written.

Mumbuu denies having had sex with the learner, insisting it was in fact Musaso who had done so. “He was paid by a teacher from the school to make those allegations against me.

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He was paid something from N$2 500 to N$3 000 so that he could report it to the regional office,” he said.

“There was even a time he slept with the daughter in the same tent at a funeral of a pastor. The girl woke up early in the morning hiding used condoms,” Mumbuu claimed.
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He added that the girl’s father wanted to slaughter a cow for people who questioned him to silence them.

Confidente understands that IK Tjimuhiva Combined School has a shameful record of teacher-learner sexual relations. It is alleged that previously there was a teacher at the school who had sexual relations with many of the kids in the school.

Another parent who had a child at the school said his daughter was “dating” a teacher at the school and after the learner was transferred to Onawa Senior Secondary School, the relationship continued to a point where the learner performed dismally in Grade 12.

“He started dating my child when she was in grade 10. I asked him about it but he denied. One day when my daughter was at school because she had left her phone at home, I inserted my SIM card in her phone because my phone malfunctioned. I found text messages from him to my daughter. I asked my daughter, at first she denied having a relationship with the teacher.

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I reported it to the office of education in the region. I even showed the officials the text messages that this teacher sent to my daughter. One day I saw him dropping her at Omakange. I called him and I told him to leave my daughter and he responded: “Futsek” before he ended the call,” the parent narrated.

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Teachers found guilty of intimate relations with learners could be suspended from teaching for a period of eight years or be subject to imprisonment.

The executive director in the Ministry of Education Sanet Steenkamp said: “Any sexual relationship between a child and a teacher is unacceptable. Relationship or sex between a father and child is equally, socially, morally unacceptable.

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It’s wrong. It’s to be condemned very, very strongly…

“As always we don’t take these things lightly and everybody has the opinion, perspectives, stories but from the ministry’s side we believe that it must be clearly investigated and also please know, nobody has the right to expel a child. Expulsion from school can only happen with a very strong motivation and after due diligence has been carried out from the office of the executive director. That child needs to get back to school as soon as possible.”