Teenage girls sold for sex


AN investigation carried out this week by Confidante on sex workers operating in the Shanghai street between Gemeente bus stop to Malaka Draai bus stop, has uncovered that there are old sex workers organising teenage girls for sex and charge between N$ 5 and N$ 10 if a young girl agrees to go with that certain client.

When Confidente reporters approached the area under the pretext of looking for someone for the
night, preferable a young girl. A lady approximately in her early 40s wearing a very tight short jeans approached the car asking “business…you guys want business? Reporters then ask about the price, to which the lady replied that she charges between N$ 70 and N$ 50 depending on what the client wants.

“You can give me N$ 50 for a blow job and penetration is N$ 70, but we can always talk and help out each other,” sex worker said.

When enquired about young girls who are alleged to be operating in the area, she said she can always organise them but she should also benefit from deal by getting either N$ 10 or 5 excluding the money that will be paid to the young girl.

“But remember I am more experienced than them, I can give you good time and make you cum fast. But if you prefer the young ones then I can call them for you,” she insisted.

She then called two girls, who looked like high school girls when they arrived at the car, when asked about their age, they mumbled and asked how old do you think we are? Then one replied am 18 turning 19 very soon.

Another lady who spoke to confidante only identified herself as 32 years old, said life is tough and that is why she is standing in the street at late night selling her body.

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