Telecom primes seamless customer experience

By Hilary Mare

Having unveiled their third redesigned and refurbished teleshop, the iWay store, along Independence Avenue in Windhoek, Telecom Namibia has said that enhancing the experience of their clients tops their priority list with constant innovation in the pipeline.

In an interview with Confidente last week, Armando Perny, Chief Mobile Officer at Telecom Namibia explained that the intention of transforming stores is to ensure that Teleshops do not just become pay points but that customers are exposed to world class customer experience.

Telecom has already highlighted that these stores are part of Telecom Namibia’s broader plan of redesigning its outlets for an improved retail presentation of its products and services while introducing new technology and solutions that will boost the country’s telecommunications sector.

“Now when you walk into one of the new Teleshops or this iWay store, you are greeted with a wide range of mobile phones that are meant to cater for everyone from entry level, high range and top range executive mobile phones. There is more on offer now which also includes residential market solutions for our various clients,” Perny explained.

The redesigned store which Perny referred to along Independence Avenue, is the third in a series of stores that Telecom Namibia will open around the country in its complete transformation drive that will enable it to service its customers in a friendly environment allowing for interactions with customers in an open plan set-up.

The store also includes a customer care point where products and services can be purchased, a point where faults are reported, and another where customers can apply for new services, as well as a billing centre for services payments.

The iWay store opened last Thursday follows the opening of the flagship store at Grove Mall in 2018, followed by the Teleshop in Nkurenkuru officially launched in April this year.

“With the previous store, the store was limited in terms of after sales support but now we have more counters and technical support to create better scope of service for our customers. We have people who now provide both telephonic and physical support for customers amongst a range of other value additions,” he added.

Interactive and revolutionary, and featuring the latest in digital technology, the iWay outlet will change the way customers shop for Telecom products and services. The store features cutting-edge mobile products and fixed broadband services aimed at enhancing the lives of customers and empowering individual communication needs.

In terms of innovation, Perny explained that Telecom Namibia intends to provide a seamless experience for customers and respond to stakeholder demands.

“This includes taking the internet to every Namibian in the country and giving products with maximum affordability. As it stands we offer the most affordable products in the market right now. By definition, Jiva supreme that for N$50 offers 6 gigabytes of data for a week is testimony of our affordable solutions,” remarked Perny.