Tension over suspended Leonardville Swapo councillors

• By Tracy Tafirenyika

TENSION has risen in Leonardville village after Swapo suspended two councillors, Petra Witbooi and Helena Ganes, for defying instructions of the branch executive committee as well as not adhering to the rules and procedures of the political party.

The suspension of the duo has now raised eyebrows with the community members planning on demonstrating while questioning if the ruling party is trying to sabotage the development of the village.

A letter seen by Confidente which was sent by the coordinator of the village council to the two states that the councillors have been restrained from taking part in meeting activities as of November 30 until further notice.

“It has come to our attention with great concern that you have on numerous occasions defied directives/instructions from the branch executive committee. You have been reluctant in adhering to the Swapo party rules and procedures of party office bearers. You have on numerous times defied directives or instructions from the branch executive committee.



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