The Ells release maiden offering

• By Martha Nangombe

THE old adage “if zero is empty, one is lonely, and two is company…” is what the new kids on the block, The Ells, are built on.

The band of two comprises Artwell Neusu and Emmanuel Ndifon, who have released their maiden single titled Journey.

In an interview, Ndifon, who sings and plays the guitar, while Slickartie plays the djembe, said they are a band of “brothers” who deliver good music to fans all over the country and around the world.

“Music has brought us together since 2015 and has helped us to hone our own style, which is reflected in our cover song ‘Journey’ that extends from all feel-good genres such as indie, pop, reggae, blues, contemporary, and just about anything that makes us feel good,” he said.

The band has performed at numerous festivals, private gatherings, and markets around the country. They took their music internationally when they performed at a living room performance in Germany, as well as at Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi and in Norway.

“The industry has been generous to us. Fans are everything; without them, we would be locked away in our rooms, playing for ourselves. Fans have and continue to support us. We’re delighted we can give back by putting out our own music, so they can listen to us even when we’re not performing live.

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