The essence of the Confident Woman Awards and Book

HAVING identified and profiled exceptional women in our society covering various sectors over the last eight years, this publication will this Friday, August 16, formally honour Namibian women for their stellar role in the upliftment of our collective country.

Our flagship Confident Woman section has profiled over 300 Namibian women highlighting the achievements of women that have made a social, political and economic difference in our society.

Essentially, the Confident Woman Awards provide a platform that has been founded not only to honour our women of excellence but one that will inspire many others as well as contribute immensely to the developmental trajectory of our country.

With this in mind, we reiterate that this event that will coincide with the launch of a publication that will combine all our interviews and serve as an insight to Namibian women in politics, economy and society under the theme: “Socio-economic and political insights into Namibian women,” is not about identifying women better than others, but to recognise all exceptional women in the various disciples.

We opine that all women are unique in their special ways and their contributions can never be placed in competition of each other. For this reason, the event will carry no individual winners but will recognise all nominees as equal victors and champions of our society.

With full realization that the post-2015 UN sustainable development agenda which firmly seeks to ensure gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment, the objectives of the book and awards are premised on the need to re-affirm women empowerment and uplift the girl child through showcasing the works of other women who emanated from humble beginnings to become influential societal figures.  We believe this is imperative to achieving sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth and sustainable development.

We further seek to build on the successes of women to construct other women still growing up, combine the influences of women that have made a positive impact in the Namibian society and of course celebrate the achievements of exceptional women in the Namibian society

Our book that will help market the unique women Namibia has and poised to be distributed across the world via our embassies looks to build a society that offers women equal opportunity in various fields and industries by showcasing their proven ability through the works of past and present professional women, advocate for social change in the scope of women empowerment, create a platform for mentorship programs for women and  bridge the gap in communication for development in which this publication will communicate to the wider local and regional audiences.

The UN Addis Ababa Action Agenda importantly commits to realising the equal rights of women in political and economic decision-making and leadership, and equal rights to economic resources. With elections coming in the last quarter of 2019 and with a growing voice towards women empowerment in civil society, our initiative hopes to advocate for women in areas of leadership, development and create a platform where there is continuous enrolment of women in influential positions of the Namibian society.

We acknowledge further that without our sponsors, this would have been a pipe dream but their helping hand has made recognition of exceptional women a reality. We vehemently thank them for their contributions.

We look forward to hosting you!