The Kitchen’s homey cuisine

By Jeoffrey Mukubi

THE first thing I noticed when I walked in was the variety of alcohol beverages on offer at the bar, I have never seen so much cognac, craft beer, rum and gin in my life, or at least in Windhoek.  The neatly stacked bottles on makeshift wooden bookshelves made for splendid decoration for the bar area.

Well that’s just the bar, the Kitchen is actually a small, enchanting restaurant that’s perfectly situated in Windhoek’s CBD at Freedom Plaza in Reverend Michael Scott Street in Windhoek, with an exquisite choice of décor as the room has hit top chairs as well as comfortable lounging seats as well as  easy chairs and clean tables. The uptown urban look mixing purple, grey and brown makes it a very relaxing place to be.

I honestly love the food, it’s prepared timely and it comes hot. My personal favorite is the Vegetable Lamp Stew with Mash Potatoes, this meal will set you back a mere N$120, but it’s worth it. I love the vegan pizza as well, but the base is just too thin for my pallet.

Other meals include my past preferred meal, The Big Man Burger, It’s a large beef patty smothered by two big buns with fries on the side and giant onion rings as well as the Beef Lasagna.

Diners just don’t go to only eat, but to also watch the game on a Sunday or play chess while grabbing a glass of Arebella Merlot red wine and eating a voluptuous and tantalizing meal.

Tshoopara Tshoopara popularly known as Chops is the owner of The Kitchen as well as the popular night club at Chopsis which is situated at the Old Breweries Complex. His main reason for opening the Kitchen is written in the menu, it reads.

“We look for joy in the every day. Growing up in our humble kitchen in Oranjemund, E14-11th avenue, surrounded by family, friends and great food, we saw first-hand how food and love can be one and the same. Those great recipes laid the foundation for a lifetime of memories- transporting us to a certain time every time we taste or smell something special,” (sic)

With that, make a turn and get your money’s worth of good food and the best of local and international beverages.