The Namibian Women Summit 2019

Dear Editor,

A young South African poet known as Drencho POET Loads, in his encouraging quotes once said: “Success is not the absence of difficulties and failures but the presence of great strength and courage… Hard work: even when it’s hard, work.”

In the same spirit of moving forward, the 12th Namibian Women Summit presents a theme: ‘Women: nurturing dreams, reaping success’, whose primary aim is to inspire the hearts and souls of Namibians, especially women.

Miss Anne Thandeka Gebhardt is the president of the Namibian Women Summit, which staged the 11th summit from 4 to 6 October 2017. This year’s business summit marks the continuation of the mission of women empowerment, which is the main idea.

These past years’ summits have been productive and have played a role in enriching the minds of many Namibians.

This is essentially a call to urge Namibian women to sacrifice their time and participate in this upcoming 3-day summit.

I humbly request the youth to actively partake in this vital event. The event does not have age limits nor does it target specific individuals but is for all those who desire to achieve in their journey of life.

It is a matter of fact that our nation faces tragedies that seek to collapse the economy. It is all our responsibility to awake and investigate the main causes of these issues at hand and work hard in finding solutions.

There are many ways of skinning a cat, however, here we are working towards the construction of our beloved society. Thus, this business summit is the best platform to discuss the contributing factors to the nation’s economic status quo. Above all, this summit will aid Namibians to further their knowledge and equip one another through different strategies and experiences on the journey towards a bright future.

The summit will be held at the Safari Hotel, Windhoek from 8 to 10 August 2019. The focal point of this business summit is predominantly advancement in widening women’s involvement in the national development through interacting, sharing of experiences and learning from one another with the aim of bettering life.

This 3-day programme includes the participation of prominent dignitaries from the UK as well as South Africa, whose names are not yet to be publicised. On the other hand, this 2019 summit will also include entertaining performances that you and I do not want to miss.

Moreover, there will also be testimonies from individuals who had attended previous summits, who have advanced in life and are on another level of life. Hear me now, believe me later, this will be the most fruit-bearing moment of your life.

Working together we can do more to change our lives and the lives of others without counting the cost.

For more information please visit ‘Namibian Women Summit’ on Facebook, email or call 0811282330. See you on the 8th of August.

Dzinisa Ngcongo, Windhoek