The Power of Courage

• By Martha Nangombe

A delicious feat for the ears and eyes was at stake on December 1 when Courage the Comedian took centre stage at the Brewers Market.

Known for his intellectual poetic comic pieces and unusual dress code, the Nambabwean showed he was indeed in the mood to dish out hilarity.

Hosted due to public demand the comedian did not disappoint his fans at his ‘We are Within Comedy show.’

“The show came as a result of public demand as people asked me for one more show before the curtain comes down on 2022. Maybe I will have another show during the festive period,” he said.

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Seeing Courage in action is proof of just how much work he puts in as he connects with people from different walks of life – getting them to laugh at jokes that are relatable to their experiences.

Clearly on a mission to get his brand synonymous with the greatest comics in Africa, Courage is passionate about his art and takes every opportunity to learn and perfect his craft.

“As a professional comic, I’ve learnt the importance of doing research on the area in which one is going to perform because that creates a connection with the audience. I also learnt about the need to travel as it not only widens your audience reach, but also forces you to come up with material that is competitive on an international level,” he said.

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Courage is in the mood to teach, cultivate and support others comics around the country and aims to use the experience he has gained from his travels.