The show was epic, local artists say

By Rosalia David

Twenty eight October truly felt like a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment, where the worlds of music and celebrity combined to create an experience that has never been seen before around here and local musicians couldn’t agree more.

Apart from having a line-up dominated by established artists, such as: SunnyBoy, KillaB, KP Illest, Lioness, Gazza, KFC DJs and many others, thousands of music lovers and fans flocked to the UNAM Stadium over the weekend to witness The Dogg, real name Martin Morocky’s second concert.

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The massive concert, which was sponsored by Tafel Lager also gave a platform to young upcoming contenders in the game, such as King Elegant, Kaboy Kamakili and many others.

Lazarus Shiimi, better known as Gazza in music circles, pulled off an amazing live performance and mentioned that he was quite satisfied with his performance and the turn-out in general.

“I was ready to perform, I didn’t have any stress, and some events are usually very stressful before getting on stage. I was basically looking forward to my performance and I would say I was happy with my band.”

Nikanor Hoveka, known as KP Illest, had the same opinion of the show, saying that it was surely one for the history books. “It was crazy, the performances were out of this world, and the DJs were on fire, everything went well. The international act that was invited and did not show up must just refund our money.

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Meanwhile, DJ Alba said he loved the set and the hype she got from the crowd, even though she described her set as very short. “It was fun and the fans pulled up in huge numbers.

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I was obviously nervous before getting on stage but a few seconds into it, I was good to go.

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Looking forward to the next show.”

Award-winning DJ Castro said he had a great stage experience and could not believe how the crowd knew him by name and sang along to his latest tracks.