The story of the maize triangle football

THE idea of Maize Triangle Soccer league was born mainly because of lack of dormancy of the first and second division football country wide. Some of the teams that emanates from Maize Triangle forms part of the aforementioned divisions which are affiliated to Namibia Football Association.  It is also worth mentioning that we have two football academies amongst other teams that have tongues wagging in the maize triangle because of their talent that is immeasurable. The initial thought that evolved around maize triangle was to keep our players active and fit until the respective leagues starts, but that expectation seems to be indefinite. Only Satan knows why not or when?  I don’t want to dwell too much into that scenario.

I must confess that the idea of the Maize Triangle Soccer League was a blessing in disguise. We are happy for obvious reasons and this project or model is here to stay. In terms of governance and administration, let alone the application and execution of the rules and laws we aspire to be second to none. We don’t want to re-invent the wheel by writing our own rules and laws. Football is football. The rules and regulations remains the same and we will align ours to that of the mother body and tweak where necessary.  Football gurus, sympathisers and followers in the Maize Triangle for the love of football convened in Tsumeb on 30th March 2019 and mapped the way forward pertaining to the triangle and as they say the rest is history and we are marching on. Maize Triangle Soccer league will be all about youth football and youth development within the demarcated area. We have successfully concluded the first leg and the second leg will commence during the weekend of 5 October 2019.

Maize Triangle in general is endowed with talent in terms of football. From yesteryear ls to present talk about Chelsey from Grootfontein, Chief Santos and Benfica from Tsumeb or Touch and Go of Otavi and tell me something I knew nothing about. If you know, you know. Players were also recruited from other smaller teams within these towns or neighbouring farms in the radius of 30 km who were nurtured and perfectly fit into the football philosophies of the respective teams. We want to rekindle the olden days of football frenzy in the triangle and to put meaning to youth football and football in general.

To those self-styled football pundits who cast aspersions on this noble idea, please be reminded that we are not going to entertain any tomb stone mentalities. We have great plans for Maize Triangle Soccer League and the future looks bright. We are our own competition. We can limit and un-limit ourselves. Watch the space!