The Windhoek Carnival, a vibrant fusion of performing arts

•By Veronica Amaral

The Windhoek Carnival (Wika) beckons everyone to partake in a vibrant celebration of culture, comedy, and music with the back-to-back O&L International Evening events on April 11 and 12.

The festivities will culminate with the Juka (Youth Karneval) on the 13th, offering a trio of events that will showcase a medley of performances from globally acclaimed acts to Namibia’s very own local stars.

The stage will come alive with music, comedy, and cultural displays featuring international artists and homegrown talents.

HSO Band from Eschweiler, their legacy of international performances and cultural exchange programs, will enrich our nights with global rhythm and harmony, Jägermeister Brass Cartel, covering international to “local is lekker” classics, Comedy by Ujandja Zatjirua, promising a night of wit and humour that resonates with our diverse audience—Suzy Eises on Saxophone, whose music transcends boundaries, and many more.

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