The Windhoek Central Hospital Maternity ward rated highly


SOME mothers in Windhoek have told Confidente that the service at the Windhoek Central Hospital Maternity ward is better than that at the Katutura State Hospital.

The Windhoek Central Hospital Maternity Ward was renovated at a cost of N$37.3 million.

When the ward was renovated, many additions were made including a second maternity theatre, a maternity pharmacy to avoid delays in patient treatment regiments.

Also, high-care rooms were built for close observation of pregnant and post-natal patients with complications.

Additional rooms were built for proper filing of patients’ records.

The treatment routine at the Windhoek Central Hospital Maternity Ward starts around six oclock in the morning, when pregnant mothers queue for their antenatal care. Perivi Muniondjo, is one of the nurses who take the mothers through a session before they start with the ante natal care process.

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He told Confidente,”Being a mother is the most wonderful thing because you are carrying two hearts.

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This alone should make you feel special.”

With antenatal care, we make sure that we do all the tests, including blood pressure, HIV, AIDS, or any other disease. We are doing this in order to make sure that mothers give birth to healthy babies,” Muniondjo said.

He urged pregnant mothers to exercise. “Every morning you should always exercise, not too hard, but you should learn to exercise.” This will contribute to your health and that of the baby, “he explained.

Single mother, Emilia Mungunda, shared her experience with Confidente on how she delivered her baby at the Windhoek Central Maternity ward.

She said,”I am so glad I was able to successfully give birth in that ward because it feels like home. The service offered there is of high quality and standard. The hygiene is also on another level.
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The ward is always clean and they provide quality food compared to Katutura State Hospital, where it is not easy.

“I advise expectant mothers to go to Windhoek Central if they want to give birth to healthy babies and they will never regret it,” Mungunda stated.

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Another patient who preferred to remain anonymous, told Confidente that giving birth at the Central Hospital was amazing, but added that the only problem was the inaccurate sonar machine.

“I successfully gave birth at the Central Hospital.

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Everything went well butthe only problem is that their sonar machine was not accurate when they did the gender check.

“I was told that I would give birth to a girl, but my baby was a boy. I had bought a girl’s clothes but had to buy a boy’s clothes after delivery. I was very much disappointed, “she said.
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