The woman behind ‘Weekly Wrap’

By Rosalia David

MODEL, media personality, MC and producer Aina Kweyo is the face behind the new show, ‘Weekly Wrap’, breaking down stories from the past week that are hot and on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

This week, Confidente sat down with the jack of all trades to get a glimpse into her career in the entertainment business. The Oniipa born and bred creative described herself as a go-getter who strives to do her best in everything she does, from presenting to producing her own shows.

“I have been to so many auditions, I have been back and forth in South Africa for so many things, such as BET Africa Audios and MTV Base and locally I have been at the NAMAs audition like nine times already and I just don’t make the cut. So I was like – you know what? – let me start my own thing,” she said.

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After not making it through many auditions, she then decided to become a content creator by creating her own digital content and producing her own show, which includes general and entertainment news. “My show is basically a mixture of everything but most recent and interesting news, telling it in a humorous way in not more than five minutes,” she said.

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She added that people are loving her show so far and she aims to push it to get airplay on nationwide broadcasters, such as NBC and One Africa TV.

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“We don’t have a lot of shows in Namibia, especially entertainment platforms. Those that are there – to be quite frank – people are not watching them.

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I want to be able to sell my content one day for people to enjoy watching my show,” she added.

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Aina also has plans to produce a game show but would not reveal when exactly the project will be ready for public consumption. “I don’t have a name for the show yet, but I can promise that it is going to be an exciting and interesting game show [that] Namibia has never seen before.”

Although her passion is presenting and producing content, she said she has recently equipped herself with some acting skills as well. “I am very talented and I don’t think Namibia is recognizing my talent, I want to relocate to another country, such as Nigeria, because opportunities are vaster that side and there is a lot of options, opportunities here are not a lot.”

Aina, who aims to make it big on international platforms, also mentioned that she will be registering her own production company soon that will link Namibian content to the African market. “I want our content to be able to play on other channels, such as Mzanzi and other African channels,” she said.