‘This life no balance’ says Nilton


ONDANGWA-BASED artist Thomas Bernaldos better known as Nilton will be releasing a ten-track EP titled ‘This life no balance’ a project that he says will leave a mark on the local music industry.

Speaking to Confidente this week Nilton said being rejected countless times has motivated him to release an EP which consists of songs dedicated to fellow talented artists who have gone through the same issues.

“This EP will consist of songs that will reflect on real things that we observe and see happening in our homes and communities or our country at large. The title came to my head after being rejected at some point and seeing people that I thought were under me getting accepted. It then came to my attention that I should never feel or think I deserve more or better than the next person but accept life the way it is,” he said.

Nilton went on to say that he believes that everyone has their own time to shine hence why he will remain patient.

“I believe God is sparing me for greatness. I believe I’m one of the greatest artists Namibia will have to celebrate and only God knows the time. I’m a very ambitious person, I’m always up to something, always wanting to do better or at least better than the last time,” he added.

On the EP, Nilton said he has collaborated with musicians such as Ethnix, Zinoleesky (Nigeria), Blank, and Top Cheri.

Apart from music the artist said he is also a manager at Biziboiz Investments and a professional barber.

“I do my barbershop work and printings during the day since all workshops are in the same building, it just depends on which customer comes first. At night I go to studios for my sessions and also attend my shows at night when I’m booked.”

Describing the type of music he does, Nilton said his art is inspirational and caters for all people.

“I stick to Afro-pop as I’m really comfortable with that genre but trust me I can jump on any song from any genre … that is why on my previous album ‘Breadwinner’ you’ll find every spoken language in our country on it.”

On his previous projects, he worked with artists such as K-dio, Eddy-K, Kingmex, Kaslajaivas, Ndawana, D-Square, King Gucci and Sedjo Mind.

Next month, the optimistic artist will be releasing a music video titled ‘Hallo’ a debut to the release of his album.

“My first single was titled ‘Touch my body’ and in 2018 I featured on Ondjodi ya Maria Nepembe of Fillyzo Namwater who is my best friend and my advisor,” he further narrated.