Tight Kassie Brothers revel in new beats

By Rosalia David

RUNDU’S trio music sensation, TKB, a group popularly known for their hit singles such as Lovisa, My Tura Love and Kawe, will soon be releasing their fifth album,  ‘Vangandu’ which means ‘crocodiles’.

Speaking to Confidente this week, the group’s lead singer and songwriter Sai Josef said the album title was inspired by the way they operate as a music group. “We are very patient like a crocodile, they don’t necessarily go out to hunt but are opportunistic predators. That is us, we don’t follow what everyone is doing,” he said.

The group, consisting of Sai, Abby and Bones has already released three songs this year, including ‘Ka-recharge’, ‘Hakushembe’ and ‘Weekend Special’ and plans to put out visuals for the songs as soon as they can. To overcome the disadvantage of having to travel to Windhoek to promote their music, TKB said they managed to establish their own record label, Chobe Entertainment.

“This album will be our first project that we managed to complete at the comfort of our home [town]. In the past it used to be a challenge as we had to drive up and down from Rundu to Windhoek, for now it is just to go there to drop our music at radio stations or for marketing purposes.”

He went on to praise the upcoming album, produced by Rundu-based JB and Tommy, saying it is one of their best work as it carries a strong message about where they come from. As to how they have managed to stick together as a group for such a long time, Josef said the love and trust they have for each other is what keeps them going.

“We grew up in one house and we are cousins, obviously there will always be disagreements, but in any genuine relationship it is important to allow yourself to fight but not tolerate the fights which can divide you but rather resolve them. We have been through a lot together.”

(TKB) stands for Tight Kassie Brothers, a name they created because of the closely familial relationship they have. “Firstly ‘tight’ refers to the bond amongst us, and Kassie is generally where we grew up, we are not town boys but rather Kassie boys. The three of us are cousins and in our culture cousins are classified as brothers, so we refer to ourselves as brothers,” he explained.

Josef further advises upcoming musicians to be patient and not release music just for fun but to rather work on songs that can touch hearts and have an impact in people’s lives.