TIKTO for comfort

• By Martha Nangombe

FOR most people, TikTok is more than just a platform where they make dance videos or react to funny skits, for most it is a lifestyle and for others it is a place where they get to escape their troubles and find peace.

In an interview with Mercy Karuuombe, a TikToker known for her cooking recipes, Karuuombe told Confidente that she loves creating content that reaches a worldwide audience.

“I am a proud Himba woman who loves her language that is why I use my mother tongue when making these videos. I want people to listen to my language and listen to the different slangs that I use when making my cooking videos. The use of Otjiherero/Himba brings this uniqueness to my videos that gets people hooked to me and using my language is a way on representing my culture as well as entertaining and educating the audience,” Karuuombe said.

“This social platform has created a community that loves and appreciates my content and their endless love and support has really given me the motivation that I need to create more content. The love that I have been receiving made me realise that this is something that I enjoy doing,” Karuuombe explained.

Another TikToker, known for his bonnet and gown, Thomas Nyovest (Tate Matondo) is making a name for himself as a comedian on the social network and he said TikTok presents another platform for him to express his comedic side.

“I feel like most of us really created TikTok accounts because we are either going through something or have been through something because I have had conversations with a lot of creative people and all our stories have this dark times tied to it. The internet is perceived to be a place where negativity thrives but it is also a place where positivity starts and where one can feel the loving embrace of pure love and acceptance.

I always believed that I was a comedic character and this platform has given me the opportunity to embrace that part of myself. I like dressing up and creating comic stunts and putting smiles on people’s faces,” Nyovest said.

“I honestly want to make it big in this industry and I am inspired by WilliamLastKRM, I mean at some point I would also like to make money from comedy purely doing what I love. This platform gives me a chance of being part of a truly amazing project dubbed Xtream House as well as being able to work with my fellow creative,” Nyovest added.