Tjiueza thriving at new home

• By Michael Uugwanga

THE stone that the builder rejected has found a new home in Kosovo. Prinz Tjiueza’s instant acclimatisation to life at Liria Prizren Football Club in Kosovo should perhaps come as no surprise.

After all, adapting to new cultures and surroundings is something new for the Brave Warriors attacker but after 5 games the Brave Warriors player has bagged in three goal and has one assist.

Liria Prizren plays in the First Football League of Kosovo, which is the second tier of football in the country.

Tjiueza (20) last played for local side Blue Waters Football Club in Namibia before moving to Kosovo over a month.

Moving at such a young age can be daunting experience, especially across continents but Tjiueza was steely in his determination to make the move work. After all, he had a dream to realise.

This week Confidente caught up with Tjiueza talk about his life at Liria and how he is adapting to a new life.

“I cannot really explain the feeling because since I am still young, I have always dreamt of playing in Europe. Life is good here and football is way better here as I have improved. I am really enjoying life here because the team pushes me a lot and has helped me settled in well.

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