Tjongarero dismayed at NSC financial report

• By Michael Uugwanga

THE Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero has said that she is not happy with the financial report of the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC), following the conclusion on its review.

The review of the NSC financial transaction and human resources administration report was performed during January and February, and concluded in March this year.

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The chairperson of the investigation committee was Rosalia Tjaveondja.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Confidente this week, Tjongarero said the most disappointing issue in the report is the financial aspect, adding that her ministry will send the report to NSC, before taking action.

“I am not happy with the report finding. I have received the copy of the report. The most concerning issue from the report is the financial side which is not good. There are few recommendations from the team that did the investigation.

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I already had a short discussion with the deputy minister (Emma Kantema-Gaomas) and the executive director (Dr Audrin Mathe) and what will happen now is to send the report to the commissioners at NSC, because they are the ones who are supposed to supervise the report.

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“We are going to give the report to the commission this week and in two weeks’ time we expect them to come back and tell us what we must do next,” she said.

NSC gets its annual funding from the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service for its yearly activities.

This year the NSC budget is around N million, with a huge chunk of the budget going towards salaries, as the amount from the ministry is allegedly not enough to fund sport codes.

The minister also raised concern over allegations that the financially-stricken commission pays its chief administrator, Freddy Mwiya twice the salary of Tjongarero, while at the same time she has rejected the board’s plans to extend the contract of Mwiya by another five year after his tenure effectively ended on April 1.

In 2019 it was reported that Mwiya’s yearly salary was around N,2 million, which is more than N0 000 per month, while the commission’s head of finance, Junias Hamalua, reportedly earns close to N0 000 a year, yet regulation states that position should not earn more than N0 000.

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Tjongarero was referring to section 7 (2) of the Namibia Sports Commission Act no 3 of 2003.

“The ministry therefore recommends the following: That the minister of SYNS can condone the action of the board or take appropriate disciplinary action against the board or remove them in line with the act. That the salary readjustment be condoned as they have been part of the contract of employment for the staff and are not above the gazette guidelines, but NSC board be instructed to freeze the salary of two executive for the next two years or until a new remuneration guideline is in place and ensure they have annual performance agreements and quarter performance reviews.

“The executive will be paid performance bonuses as per their performance at the board’s discretion annually,” said Tjongarero.

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Asked if the ministry will remove the board over the alleged irregularities, Tjongarero said the board’s term in office is coming to an end in May.
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On the issue of Mwiya, she said his position needs to be advertised and not to be given on a silver plate.
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“There’s no need to remove the board because their term is coming to an end next month.

“We want every Namibian to have a chance. Are we saying that there is no other Namibian for the position? He (Mwiya) is also free to apply for the position,” said Tjongarero.

Asked to comment on the subject matter regarding the possibility of his re-appointment, Mwiya said  he is not allowed to talk to the media by his superiors (board).

“I am just here to serve the Namibian sports facility to the best of my ability,” he said.