TNA, GMP targets international market

• By Martha Nangombe

RECORD label Timeless New Art (TNA) Music and Entertainment has quickly established themselves as the dominating music label in the country and their latest offerings Pusha Panda by Gazza featuring Amzo Nawe and Page-Up All Night by Gazza featuring Paige and TNA manager, Shimbayu Chivuno said the songs will go a long way in making them a brand both locally and internationally.

“GMP and TNA are collaborating with the same goal in mind which is to create good music for our listeners as well as to get Namibian music out to the world.

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Gazza is a legendary award winning artist who is talented and holds numerous accolades under his name and working with him and his team was truly a great honour,”Chivuno said.

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Within a year of being founded, the TNA music label has created a name for itself by producing award winning in-house stars such as DJ Yessonia, Kboz and Amzo Nawe just to name a few.

“The two songs have attracted a lot of views on You-tube and are getting plenty of air-play.

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On the international stage, the songs are doing fine and we have a plan to dominate the international space by releasing good videos to accompany the songs,” he said.

The record label has quickly established itself as a much sought after entity producing award winning artistes having won more than six music awards last year.

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Chivuno expressed his satisfaction after working with the award winning musician and said music lovers should look forward to more local collaborations.

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