Top businessman Shipanga walks in headman shoes

MARTIN Kaali Shipanga (MKS), founder and chairman of Shipanga Holding (Pty) Ltd and recently appointed headman of the Onandjamba village in the Okankolo constituency says his connection to his cultural roots has never wavered since moving to urban life in Windhoek at an early age.

In an interview with Confidente’s Hilary Mare (HM), Shipanga shared his aspirations for Onandjamba village which now looks up to him for development, a challenge that he says he relishes.

HM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you have risen to be one of the most successful businessmen of our time?

MKS: I come from a very humble, decent family. Both my mother and father originate from northern Namibia. They gave me an opportunity to attend school and while at school, I was always among the top three performers both at elementary and high school.

This got me a bursary and I was much inspired because education was also emphasised as an important tool to shape one’s future. I have obtained various qualifications from Bachelor of Commerce up to the level of masters. I also attended various higher learning institutions where I shaped other skills such as leadership and transformational development.

Besides that I was raised in a family that laid a solid foundation for core values of honesty, of hard work, of respect for all and above all to always remain humble. I must say that I had an opportunity to get practical training by working for institutions such as De Beers, City of Windhoek and Nedbank.




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