Top Score Instant porridge packaging improved

By Confidente Reporter

NAMIB Mills has improved its packaging for the Top Score Instant porridge which now consists of squad-seal bags with a broad, steady base – made from packaging material sourced from South Africa.

Speaking at the event, Namib Mills’ manager of operations Elfrieda Roos said the new packaging strategy is to ensure convenient and attractive storage.

She said after the launch of the Top Score Instant line in March 2018, their different flavour instant porridge has grown in variety as it has grown in popularity.

“The packaging was not representative. We wanted the same quality outside that we provide inside. We wanted to have a proper packaged product that is attractive,” she said.

The Top score instant porridge range consists of an original, banana, strawberry and vanilla flavours.

The strawberry flavour was introduced in 2019 while the toffee caramel, mango and peanut butter were introduced in 2020.

Roos said in 2019 the company started looking at the shortcomings of the product, and found that the packaging made it difficult to open, difficult to reseal, prone to breaking and unstable on shop shelves.

With the aim of improving the packaging, in November 2019, Roos said Namib Mills ordered a state-of-the-art weighing and packaging machine from MBP in Italy.

“It is a fast machine, capable of packing 55 to 110, 500 gram packets a minute.