TopCheri’s new sensual and steamy visuals

By Rosalia David

AWARD winning star on the rise Monica Pinias – better known as TopCheri – continues to introduce her fans and music lovers to her creative world, unveiling a new aesthetic recently and offering an emotional short story through her newly released video titled ‘I lied’, as a single from her upcoming album ‘My Matrimony’.

The music video, shot and directed by Imagination Studio, has definitely brought out visuals that are mercifully brief, and, at their best surely a lot more fulfilling than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

The video starts off with a scene of the songstress flaunting her assets in a sexy yellow dress while model and actor Rashaad Matjila walks in on her and starts unbuttoning his shirt, evidently getting ready for some romantic time.

He unzips her dress slowly and starts kissing her from her back down to her derriere and goes right into it.

It is definitely not every day that women in the local music industry makes headlines.

If anything, a few female singers in Namibia seem to have gone on a long vacation, but Topcheri continues to release music videos one after the other.

Seven months ago, she released Johny, featuring model Wilhem Kapenda, who acted as the liar and a cheating lover in the video, which has about 268K views on YouTube.

Topcheri’s new music video was shot at Droombos Hotel in Windhoek and harps on the romantic theme of a couple in love, but she clearly nailed the concept, although her lyrics talk about misleading the lover and lying that she is in love with him.

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You know someone is about to bring you something erotic and romantic when they step into a foamy bathtub naked – and she does just that in one shot.

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The video describes the type of love triangle that could get anyone hooked to the sensual moments and reminds one of those crazy intimate relationships you had but just cannot move on from, because of the moments shared and the persistent lust.

The artist was styled by her management and dressed by Sizzling Boutique.