Tractor breakdown causes upheaval at Okatyali


COMMUNAL mahangu farmers in the Okatyali constituency of Oshana region are up in arms and want to be refunded their money which they paid for a government tractor to plough their fields, after the machine broke down before it started working on their mahangu fields.

Some farmers who spoke to Confidente this week said that they paid N$250 per hectare of land they want to be ploughed at Okatyali and were issued with vouchers, whereby they would wait for a government tractor to come and plough their fields.

The arrangement is part of a government scheme, through the agriculture ministry, where government subsidises farmers with 50 percent of the total amount per hectare. Government tractors are used in the scheme as well those from private individuals who have registered themselves to have their tractors work on behalf of the government.


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