Triumph of Legal Prowess and Determination: FALAS holds Moot Court Competition

By Martha Nangombe

THE Federation of African Law Students (FALAS) recently hosted the inaugural moot court tournament at the University of Namibia’s (Unam) PK1 hall, marking a significant milestone in Namibia’s legal arena.

Beyond being a standalone event, organisers Nelago Johannes, Joram Kayofa, and Ndanyama-Elago Kalipi aspire to a bigger objective and aim to create opportunities for legal scholars to obtain first-hand experience in litigation, ensuring quality in their profession.

The moot court competition is only the first step, and organisers plan to establish exchange programmes and collaborations that link them with the legal communities in Africa and worldwide.

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Nelago Johannes, in particular, gave her initial thoughts on the planning process.

“The moot court competition began a month after our official opening when Felicity !Owoses, one of the competition’s judges, delivered an inspiring keynote speech. Her words struck a deep chord, inspiring us to be visible and assertive within the legal community.

“Inspired, we organised an event of such magnitude, particularly in uncharted territory, which was a daunting experience.

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The scepticism and doubt expressed by others only added to the strain, often bordering on rejection, but thanks to !Owoses’ wisdom, we were able to begin on a quest to put her words into action,” Johannes explained.