Tsumeb Bowling Club hosts Champion of Champions

• By Michael Uugwanga

For the first time, the Tsumeb Bowling Club has hosted the National Singles Champion of Champions  Bowling tournament.

Thecompetition, open to all bowlers, was played in a round robin format on Saturday 3 September and Sunday 4  September) 2022, with two points awarded for a win.

The six clubs in Namibia –  Rossmund Bowling Club (RBC), Namib Park Bowling Club (NPBC), Windhoek Bowling Club (WBC), Eros Bowling Club (EBC), Trans Namib Bowling Club (TNBC) andTsumeb Bowling Club (TBC) all sent their singles champions to participate.

RBC was represented by  Axel  Krahenbuhl and Diana Viljoen, NPBC by Steven Peake, WBC by  Desmond van der Smit and Truda Meaden,  TNBC by husband and wife Schalk and Huipie van Wyk, JP Fouche and Sheena Hawthorne represented EBC and TBC by Corny Stamm and Conny Hill.

The competition was decided on shot difference.

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JP Fouche from EBC,was the winner  in the men’s  division. He had six points and a shot difference of 32.

Second placed bowler Axel Krahenbuhl (RBC) ,also scored six points but narrowly lost on a shot difference of 30, while third placed Steven Peake of NPBC, also with six points, had a shot difference of 0.

In the ladies division, Diana Viljoen from RBC ,took first place with six points, with a shot difference of 38, followed by  Sheena Hawthorne (EBC) also with six points but with a shot difference of 20, Third placed Truda Meaden from WBC,ended with 2 points and a shot difference of three.

Last year’s champion in the women’s singles division, Elzaan de Vries, from NPBC did not participate this year.