Tucsin gives learners a second chance

ONCE upon a time there was a woman with a dream, a big dream about making the dreams and aspirations of the Namibian youth and marginalized people come true.  It was not an easy journey to get to the point of realizing the dream, but it happened.

The dreamer and doer was Dr. Beatrice Sandelowsky, supported by an exceptional group of like-minded people, amongst others Anton Lubowski, Charlie Hartung, Hans Scholtz, Robert Canby, Joshua Hoebeb and Namibian students who wished for a university in their own country and a bridge to help them get there. The dream was TUCSIN that became a reality in 1974. The journey of almost 42 years is part of the country’s education history.

Now, here, in 2020, we look back just one year and we are again deeply grateful – and I must admit – proud, to have been part once again of the life-changing experience of a large number of students who enrolled at the four TUCSIN campuses.

In the national context TUCSIN students achieved as follows:


HL Private School –   7th  place

OL Private School –  3rd place

TUCSIN HL students achieved a 100% pass rate in all three subjects offered at that level, Physical Science, Biology and Mathematics.

In Mathematics HL, 100% achieved 1’s and 2’s, in Physical Science HL, 80% achieved 1’s and 2’s and in Biology HL 84% achieved between 1 and 3.

The Ordinary Level students performed equally well with A*’s, A’s, numerous B’s at Extended Level and many C’s at Core Level. Equally significant is value-addition that was achieved. Even though not all students achieved grades in the top categories (1, 2, A*, A, B) many students who enrolled with U’s and G’s improved with up to four symbols and we even had students jumping seven symbols from a first-time subject to and A.

These achievements are possible because of the spirit of TUCSIN, the dedication and expertise of the teachers and staff and their ability to encourage their students and to convince them that they have unlimited potential. We try to make the statement “I can” part of their thinking, living and learning during the short time that we have them.

We will be amiss if we do not salute the parents who enroll their children, sometimes despite difficult financial circumstances and numerous other commitments. We also salute you, parents and guardians, for being our constant and supportive companions on this short but difficult journey.