Tuhafeni Hishitelwa releases second book

By Rosalia David

WITH a novel based on a true life story under his belt already, motivational speaker and author is sending the literary world into a spin with his second book, titled ‘Failure is Not an Option’.

Not only is he a proud man eager to share the grueling details of his life through novels, Tuhafeni Hishitelwa has also proven to be one of Namibia’s consistent writers aiming to inspire and promote literature in the country.

Speaking to Confidente on his newly book, Hishitelwa said it was inspired by all aspects of life in general as most people struggle to find solutions to disappointments. “The title of the book says it all.

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We are all faced with the reality of failure; we fail in all aspects but through this book we have dug deep into the factors causing failure and try to find a solution. Things such as debts, how many people have fallen into debts and do not know how to get out of it, it’s sad,” he explained.

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The book is not based on information copied from the internet but is based on interviews with industry professionals who were asked to share their life experiences and give a more specialised overview.

“I took some time to release the book because I had to do a lot of research and interview professionals such as entrepreneurs, academic gurus, relationship advisors and business owners to just to get an insight on of how to deal with failure.

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The book simply tries to reveal the secrets of certain issues.”

Hishitelwa, who describes himself as a critical thinker and life coach, is also the writer behind Harry Simon’s autobiographical book titled ‘Harry Simon in Prison’ after the boxer was involved in a second deadly accident on the road between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay on 21 November 2002.

“This makes it the third book technically but I cannot count it (the Harry Simon book) because it was written on behalf of someone else,” he added.

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Although it took the author close to three years to complete his second book, he admitted that it was no walk in the park to get the book out. “One thing I have realized is that there are so many stories out there worth sharing with the rest of the world, but platforms and funds remain the biggest challenge and that is one of the things that I also experienced as an independent author,” Hishitelwa said.

‘Failure is Not an Option’ was edited by Taylor Eugene Christ and published by Da Silva Publishing.

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